Kim Kardashian is something of a master of the “double take” outfit, and she showed her skills again with a combination sheer black bodysuit, bejeweled sandal heels, and then a pair of billowing camo-print shorts. Just say that last part out loud, then gird yourself again:

kim kardashian
Kim is no stranger to boundary-pushing fashion, but if camo Bermuda shorts are a hard sell on a Kardashian, not sure if this style deserves to get new legs. But it’s sure great for showing off hers, which admittedly look fabulous topped off with those glittering sandals.

Kim switched up her sidewalk style showcase with a pair of chic black shades, all the better for avoiding paparazzi flashes:

kim kardashian
kim kardashian kendall jenner

The sisters are clearly representing their personal brands while out and about, making this a celebrity outing only the Kardashian-Jenners could have.


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