One person has been killed and three others seriously injured in a shooting at a nightclub in southern Germany.

Witnesses told German news agency dpa that the attacker had a machine gun and shot at the crowd inside the building indiscriminately.

Terrified revellers fled the music venue or hid as the shooter opened fire at about 4.30am (local time)

Germany nightclub shooting
Terrified clubbers fled the building as the gunman, 34, opened fire

The Iraqi gunman, 34, exchanged fire with police at the scene, eventually being shot.

He was taken to hospital where he died.

A police officer was also injured in the gunfight outside Club Grey in the southern German city of Konstanz. His injury is not thought to be life-threatening.

Officials said special commando forces and helicopters had been deployed to the area.

Emergency services at the scene
Police have ruled out terrorism as a motive 

An investigation has been launched into the attack, the motive for which is unclear, but police have ruled out terrorism.

“We are still investigating but the circumstances surrounding the events at the disco in the evening before the shooting are a bit clearer and this led us to rule out a terrorism background,” police spokesman Fritz Bezikofer told broadcaster n-tv.

Police said the Iraqi national gunman had lived in Germany for more than 15 years and was not an asylum seeker.

The weapon used in the attack is being analysed by experts.

A dispute among criminals in the area may have led to the shooting, they added.

The gunman opened fire at a nightclub in Konstanz
An Iraqi gunman killed one and injured three others in the city of Konstanz 

Sunday’s shooting comes just two days after a knife attack in the northern German port city of Hamburg.

A failed Palestinian asylum seeker killed one person and injured six others at a supermarket on Friday.

Officials said the 26-year-old suspect suffered psychological problems and was “known as an Islamist but not a jihadist”.

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