Back in February 2017, a video of Gigi Hadid imitating a Buddha cookie surfaced online, and—as you might expect—people weren’t thrilled.

At the time, Gigi’s boyfriend Zayn defended her, tweeting:

The controversy died down, but has resurfaced due to the upcoming Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show (which Gigi has been cast in) taking place in China. Fans have been quick to voice their concern over Gigi attending, saying, as Buzzfeed reports, that she isn’t welcome in China due to her alleged racism.

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Gigi has since disabled comments on the Instagram post announcing news of her casting due to being spammed with snake emojis and accusations of racism.

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This isn’t Gigi’s first time dealing with this issue—she experienced some blowback after doing an impression of Melania Trump, and ended up writing an apology:

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