We’ve all been there: You’re hanging out with your companions in a deserted palace, doing whatever it takes not to begin to look all starry eyed at a mythical serpent fixated lady who is additionally furtively your close relative, concocting an arrangement to spare the world from an antiquated race of undead animals, and you *just* can’t make sense of what to do with your hair.

Enter half-up hair, a strangely basic style that is incredible for any agonizing Northern lord or kween.

The Prettiest Half-Up Hairstyle for Battling a Sh*t Ton of White Walkers

Indeed, the lion’s share of hairdos in the Seven Kingdoms are real divination, with confounded plaits of sculpturesque flawlessness, yet who has time for that?

Not you, you give in investigating, snowstorm-bearing, White-Walker engaging legend. You have wars to wage! Your semi sister takes faces, and your semi sibling has transformed into what might as well be called a web index! Winter is here! You’re occupied!

The Prettiest Half-Up Hairstyle for Battling a Sh*t Ton of White Walkers

Hello, we get it. Rather, attempt a half-up, half-down pig tail, which takes those by one means or another splendidly characterized and sans frizz twists out of your face, while still leavin’ a little somethin’ somethin’ in the back for your kin.

Simply scoop the best 50% of your hair into a braid, wind it into a topknot, and secure it with a minor versatile, or a stray bit of twine, or a segment of calfskin from truly any of the dress you’ve at any point worn.

The Prettiest Half-Up Hairstyle for Battling a Sh*t Ton of White Walkers

The key, here, is to influence it to seem as though you’re not making a decent attempt, so maintain a strategic distance from hairsprays, gels, and greases, and rather let the scalp oils that accompany showering once every month include a characteristic looking sparkle and hold.


Indeed, it truly is that simple, and yes, you’ll most likely need to wear this style each and every day until the point that you get killed by a horde of White Walkers that you’re absolutely ill-equipped to fight. Appreciate!


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