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Sarah Nowak did a banking apprentice ship and worked in this profession before she quit, because of her media activities. She has participated in three major Playboy productions and voted Playmate of the Year 2015. In 2015 she was a candidate in the fifth season of the RTL television broadcasting The Bachelor, in which she finished third. After a few TV appearances she took part in the show “Promi Big Brother” from the 12th to the 28th of August 2015 and finished fourth. In the same year, she visited the “Big Brother house” and appeared as a “Santa Claus”. On June 10, 2015, Sarah Nowak opened its YouTube channel with more than 340,000 subscribers (as of July 2017). There she publishes Vlogs, make-up and Lifestyle videos.

Now Lets check Sarah Nowak Instagram where she posted her pregnancy photos

Sarah Nowak Instagram tell many thing about her summer days.

Sarah posted her bath photo and says: “I’m ready and done now ? was a long day and you just notice that you are physically weaker. The water collects in the legs when you are on your feet, you get tired quickly and you have much less physical condition ? hope this is all normal in pregnancy ? how is the pregnant woman here?”Sarah Nowak pregnant bath

Also Sarah Nowak says: “I am pregnant not seriously ill. I live and enjoy every day and do all that I do well ? We would never do something that is not good for our princess. We know what is ok and what is not. Everyone has different opinions, but every pregnant woman knows exactly what is best for you and your baby”

We see she spend summer days with her husband in Egypt

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She swims in a beautiful water’s of Egypt and enjoys with health food for healthy pregnancy

Sarah Nowak swims

Sarah Nowak pregnancy health food
Sarah Nowak pregnancy health food

And last Sarah Nowak’s pregnant body look so beautiful

So we see Sarah Nowak instagram show us, that she is pregnant in this summer and she spends time in a beautiful Egypt beach with her Husband.

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