As promised by her rep and her Instagram, Taylor Swift has gone ahead and dropped her first new song from Reputation—and her first single since winter’s “I Don’t Wanna Live Forever”—tonight. It’s called “Look What You Made Me Do”, not “Timeless” as fans suspected. And it confronts her damaged reputation head on:

Champion verses incorporate “I don’t trust no one and no one trusts me/I’ll be the performing artist featuring in your terrible dreams,” “Perhaps I got mine, yet you’ll all get yours” and “I’m sad, the old Taylor can’t go to the telephone. Why? Goodness, ’cause she’s dead.”

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Swift changed her Instagram bio description to one of the lyrics in it:

The video isn’t here yet, but it’s coming shortly. Good Morning America teased Thursday morning it’d have the first peek in the a.m.

So listen to the song now, get some sleep, and prepare yourself: Swift’s new era has really just begun.


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