E​MAILS revealed ​in a US court ​show a testy and tantrum-prone Martin Shkreli ​panicking behind the scenes as his ​alleged ​P​onzi scheme began to ​unravel ​in the spring of 2013.

Prosecutors contend that ​the ​notorious “pharma bro” rolled investors’ money through his hedge fund, MSMB Capit​a​l, to build his new company, Retrophin, then tried to buy​-​off the original investors with unauthorised Retrophin funds, the New York Post reports.

But after ignoring investors for months, the duped lenders start to demand their money​ ​ — threatening lawsuits and contacting the SEC​ ​ — and Shkreli, seemingly, panics. ​​

“Take from anyone, I don’t care, do the math,” he ​frantically ​orders his lawyer​ ​ — ​ ​and now co-defendant​ ​ — ​ ​Evan Greebel, in order to begin to drafting settlement agreements with Retrophin funds.

“Just don’t let them sue us,” Shkreli warns in yet another email to Greebel, before telling him to “ignore” other contacts from stressed financiers.

In tantrum-filled emails, Martin Shkreli panicked as his Ponzi scheme unravelled.

In tantrum-filled emails, Martin Shkreli panicked as his Ponzi scheme unravelled.Source:AFP

“Pretty rude, my man,” investor Al Geller writes at one point after contacts are scorned.

“As Tom Cruise said in Jerry Maguire, there’s such a thing as manners.”

Meanwhile, the 34-year-old is shooting emails to anxious investors — blaming Greebel.

“My lawyers are lazy and stupid and paid too much,” he carped to one investor.

As emails continue to pour in from backers looking to redeem their investments, Shkreli gets more cranky and abusive in his correspondence with Greebel, as they try to locate money to pay off investors.

“FIX THE F — ING ISSUE. THERE IS NO ISSUE. HOW MANY TIMES DO WE HAVE TO TALK ABOUT THIS,” he writes in an email to Greebel. “Why can’t you do your job, it’s incredible.”

When Greebel, who heads to trial later this year, politely responds he’s about to complete necessary paperwork for settlement agreements, Shkreli responds “Bulls — t.”

“How long does it take to edit a consulting agreement prepared three weeks ago?” The email reads. “I am really starting to feel you are inept.”

“Sending it now,” Greebel meekly responds​ ​ — ​ ​but the pharma bro writes “nope ure [sic] done.”

Greebel affably says there are some other “things” they need to discuss, and Shkreli blows up again.

“No, delete it from your system. I can’t handle this. You don’t do it until I remind you. You embarrass me,” Shkreli’s reply reads.

The former Turning Pharmaceuticals CEO faces up to 20 years behind bars if convicted.

This story originally appeared in the New York Post and is reproduced with permission.


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