I think it’s implied that 2017 has been an entirely unpleasant year. Now and then, you simply need to lose all sense of direction in a worm opening of entertaining recordings and images to occupy yourself from the world’s insanity, if just quickly.

In this way, I’m here to impart to you one moment and forty seconds worth of unadulterated satisfaction that will influence you to chuckle and cry with bliss. It’s a video of previous president Barack Obama singing Taylor Swift’s new hit tune, “Look What You Made Me Do.” obviously, he’s not really singing the tune, but rather some virtuoso joined together minutes from his distinctive discourses to influence it to appear as though he is.

It is unadulterated brightness. Watch underneath and recollect that integrity still exists on the planet.

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Taylor Swift’s New Rap “Look What You Made Me Do” Is The Coolest Thing of 2017

Taylor Swift's New Rap Look What You Made Me Do Is The Coolest Thing of 2017


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